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What to expect when having Anesthesia



Anesthesia: What to expect when you go under

Dr. Ian McConachie
Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
Western University, London, ON, Canada

Top Questions in Urology.


Top 17 Questions in Urology

Dr. Mike Leveridge
Assistant Professor, Departments of Urology and Oncology
Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada

Common Urological reasons for ER visits



Visiting the ER for your urological problems:
When to go and what to expect

Dr. Anthony J. Bella

Greta and John Hansen Chair in Men’s Health Research
Assistant Professor of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Men’s Health


Men’s health: What are the stats?


Dr. Larry Goldenberg

University of British Columbia, Department of Urologic Sciences, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Urology Friendly Diet



Will an apple a day keep the urologist away?

Dietary considerations in urology


Kristine Beaulieu
Registered Dietician
School of Kinesiology, Western University, London, ON, Canada

Dr. Nicholas Power Urologist

Department of Surgery, Division of Urology, Schulich School of Medicine Western University, London, ON, Canada

PSA Screening Guidelines


Canadian Urological Association recommendations on prostate cancer screening and early diagnosis


Dr. Ricardo A. Rendon, MD1; Ross J. Mason, MD2; Karim Marzouk, MD3; Antonio Finelli, MD4; Fred Saad, MD5; Alan So, MD6; Philippe D. Violette, MD7,8; Rodney H. Breau, MD9

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