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FAQs - About your Appointment.

My family doctor has referred me to Dr. Ramirez. Do I need to call your office or will you (or my doctor) contact me?

You will be contacted when we have an appointment for you. You don’t need to contact us unless you have not heard from us about three weeks after the referral date.

How long until your office has an appointment for me?

Once you referral is received, it takes usually about three weeks for us to have an appointment for you. We will contact you before that if your case is deemed more urgent.

Why can’t you book my appointment the date my referral is received?

We receive a high volume of referrals from family doctors and other specialists. We need to analyze all referrals and prioritize the most urgent ones.

Why can’t I have a sooner appointment?

We have a limited time for clinics per week as Dr. Ramirez is not at the office on surgery days.

Will you book my appointment faster if I call you?

No. We understand all referrals are important and we try to work on them as fast as we can but our resources and time are limited. If your case is urgent or with a high priority, this will be highlighted by your referring physician. In that case appointment will be given with priority.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

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